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Dressing Hints

Picking outfits for a portrait session can be challenging. Don't stress - the most important thing is that YOU like what you pick. You are the one that will be looking at these portraits for years to come, so you want to make sure that you pick something you will enjoy looking at.

 Here are a couple of suggestions to help you along the way:

- Avoid outfits that match completely, all white or all black, etc... If you have outfits that coordinate or "go" together versus matching outfits, this will create more depth and add texture to your photos.

- Keep in mind the setting of your photo shoot. For example, if you are going to have an urban setting, you will want to pick outfits that match this theme.

- Avoid pastel colors and colors or patterns that are too loud or bright. You want to avoid colors that will distract from the people in the image. Bright colors are great, just avoid neons. :)

- Most stores offer clothing for younger children that coordinates across gender and age. They have done your work for you! A lot of the time, if you look at their catalog or online site, you can get some great ideas and then get your shopping done in one place. (Children's Place, Old Navy, Gap Kids, etc..)

- Accessories, accessories, accessories!!! They add so much depth and interest to your portraits - head bands, hats, scarves, etc.... Bring it all and we can take some of it off it is too much.

Please keep in mind that these suggestions come from my own personal preference. You will find photographers out there that will tell you the exact opposite on some of these things. Let me reiterate that you should wear whatever you like and whatever you are comfortable in!!

You can also check out my blog for more "What To Wear" posts.

And my Pinterest board for Outfit Inspiration.

And OF COURSE, these are just a couple of hints to get you started. I am happy to text, email, and talk with you about your choices and what will look best for your family and session!

Referral Program

If you refer a friend to Dorean Pope Photography and they mention you when booking a full session, you will receive a $25.00 credit toward your next session*. It's as easy as that! So, be sure to tell your friends about us and ask them to mention your name when they book their session.

*The referral must be for a brand new client and will apply only for the first session they book with me. Credit cannot be combined with any other offer.